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Dragonfly Massage Therapy - 2019

The client and I worked to create a logo, color board, and design elements for their massage studio. Here I've included some of the steps we took in the process, including unused designs. The end goal was business cards, but I took it a step further and gave samples of what possible products could look like with their new brand logo and pattern.


Crave - 2019

I was hired by a local cafe to do some designs based on their business. The end product would have been for a t-shirt, sticker, or mug design.


Claudia By Design - 2019

This freelance project was a little less "logo", a little more "illustration" with a hint of "postage stamp". Originally the client had asked me to make a signature stamp for their G-mail account, to be included with each e-mail to add a cute and personal touch.